Glass by Bryony Lane

At the heart of all my glass work are water and trees. Water reflections and a life lived next to and on rivers and woods. I grew up in a remote part of rural England in a garden nurseries, next to a large river. After studying design at art college in the 90s, which lead to a career as a graphic designer in cities in the South-East of England. I realised I needed to return to my roots, to move to the countryside and be near the water again. I retrained as a Canadian canoe instructor on an island; learning to work alongside the weather and the different abilities of the children and fine tuning my canoeing techniques on the water. Add another ten years of office work and a few children and you find me yearning to be both creative and back on the water again. Que a move to a rural part of the country surrounded by water and a new career in stained glass.

I was drawn to stained glass through a love of colour and design and a need to work towards the practical and physical perfection of a traditional craft. I had a very firm idea of the designs I wanted to make out of glass and the colours I was drawn to using. I just needed someone to teach me the skills to put it together and realise my visions of light and colour. I trained through Jenny and Mike at Vitreus Stained Glass, who imparted a lot of their knowledge and skills to me and helped me greatly with the initial set up.

Watersports and adventure have shaped who I am, but capturing nature through precision and crafting have shaped who I am becoming. It suits my wandering mind and my restless body.