Glass by Bryony Lane

At the heart of all my glass work is the sea. Water reflections and a life lived next to and on rivers and oceans. Some waterways that have had the most significance are the river Exe in Devon, The Solent, The Helford and the Atlantic coast of Cornwall.

After studying graphic design for years and working as a freelance designer in Brighton, I relinquished computers for a simple life back on the water, where I feel I belong. Living day to day and working with children and teaching Canadian canoeing for a living allowed me to focus and specialise on this one ancient and beautiful skill, but with the focus on perfecting techniques and not on creativity.

Missing the idea exploring of my former design life, I have retrained as a glass artist, a mix of being able to work towards the practical and physical perfection of a traditional craft, using my design eye to hand draw the things in life that mean a lot to me. Watersports and adventure have shaped who I am, but capturing nature, crafting and precision have shaped who I am becoming. It suits my wandering mind and my restless body.