Yorkshire tower panel

Glass by Bryony Lane

Handmade glass art inspired by the human life of Bryony. A life that includes twenty three years in a rural garden nursery, surrounded by plants, sheep and a big flood-prone river. A ten year hiatus in an urban setting, which gave her slight agoraphobia. And now to Cornwall, where Bryony lives near Cornish creeks and coast, lined with ancient woodland and beaches.

Most designs reuse rare off-cuts of mouth-blown glass with beautiful textures and irregular patterns. Particular colour combinations are integral to the overall sense of each piece and the unusual coloured and shaped shards provide inspiration for new work. Bryony is passionate about stained glass; she feels that viewing life through this bright transparent material and the movement of the coloured shadows, can offer a sense of grounding to the viewer.

Bryony uses the Tiffany method of stained glass where the glass is ground smooth around the edges and a copper foil strip is applied to the glass before soldering all the pieces together into the final design. Using this technique allows her to produce detailed curved designs where the tiniest pieces can be used to complete the finished panel.  

Bryony dislikes writing in the third person. She finds it makes her question herself and have a mini existential crisis.

In February 2018, a year after starting out, Glass by Bryony was shortlisted for the 2018 Liberty of London Open Call for interior decoration.